Backdoor gun registry more proof the Prime Minister can’t be trusted

June 5, 2019

Introduced in the mid-1990s by a Liberal government, the federal gun registry was a boondoggle from the beginning. It cost over a billion dollars to set up, tens of millions of dollars per year to operate and did nothing to stop gun crime. All it did was punish honest and law-abiding hunters and farmers inn our constituency.

Our previous Conservative government abolished this wasteful and ineffective registry in April of 2012. The Trudeau Liberals promised they’d never bring it back. But they’ve just done so through the backdoor with Bill C-71, proving once again the Liberals don’t care – or even understand – the rural way of life, especially here in Saskatchewan. Our province’s two federal NDP MPs also supported Bill C-71.

The fact is the Liberal Government has failed to address gun crime. Instead, their legislation senselessly targeting law-abiding gun owners is being fast-tracked through Parliament before the summer recess. It doesn’t get more cynical than that.

To be clear, imposing a backdoor gun registry does nothing to keep Canadians safe. Not only does it fail to address gang violence or target gang criminals, the world “gang” does not even appear in the bill.

Conservatives believe in putting dangerous criminals behind bars where they belong, as well as respecting the rights of law-abiding firearms owners. We’ve been saying the same things since a past Liberal Government first introduced the wasteful registry 25 years ago: Criminals and gang members DO NOT register their guns with bureaucrats in Ottawa.

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer has state a future Conservative government would aget tough on gangs, give law enforcement the tools they need to keep Canadian safe and crack down on illegal gun smuggling. And C-71, the backdoor gun registry, would be repealed, once and for all.

Over the past few years, a different side of Prime Minister has slowly emerged. We always knew he was all style and no substance. We also knew pas Liberal Governments were entitled to their entitlements, were scandal plagued and were reckless tax and spenders that had no plan for the economy.

But until recently, the smiling Prime Minister managed to get away with it all. Yet slowly but surely, his sunny ways have been replaced by sneaky ways. He has pitted region against region, rural against urban and division over unity.

The backdoor gun registry is the latest example of a government that says one thing and does another.

Saskatchewan deserves better.

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