Budget 2019 an attempt to distract Canadians from #LavScam

March 27, 2019

With the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal still dragging them down, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government introduced Budget 2019 this week. Desperate to change the channel away from their corruption in an election year, its last federal budget is an attempt to distract Canadians with their own money.

Nothing in this budget can be taken seriously, as it was drafted under a cloak of scandal. It’s $23 billion increase in new spending will have to be paid for with higher taxes if the Trudeau Liberals are re-elected this fall.

Justin Trudeau promised everyone that he would balance the budget in 2019. He is instead borrowing nearly $20 billion this year, despite inheriting a budget surplus from the previous Conservative Government, and despite his good fortune with sky-high revenues. Today’s deficits are tomorrow’s tax hikes on our children and on our grandchildren.

There can now be no doubt that the Prime Minister is covering up the very worst elements of the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal. First, he and his office interfered in the prosecution of a Quebec corporation connected to the Liberal party. He then refused to let his former Attorney General tell her full story. And now the Prime Minister has directed Liberal Members on the Justice and Human Rights Committee to shut down the investigation into his corrupt practices.

Because of the Prime Minister’s actions, members of his staff have now retained personal lawyers to defend against possible criminal charges. Our closest international allies have also flagged Canada for corruption. The Anti-Corruption Division of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently announced it is “closely monitoring” Canada as it relates to the ongoing SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal. This is a shocking development, considering the Liberals shut down an ongoing committee investigation into the matter.

The Prime Minister’s lecturing of Chinese officials on the independence of Canada’s judicial system, while at the same time bullying his former Attorney General has shown that he is willing to dismiss the rule of law for political considerations.

Because of his actions, China has halted all new purchases of Canadian canola, and has imposed strict inspections of other Canadian agricultural goods. Canada exported $21.8 billion dollars in goods to China last year; over half of which was agricultural goods and natural resources. These sales are now at risk thanks to Trudeau’s behavior.

 He has been so busy defending his actions in LavScam, important issues like Canadian canola exports are off the government’s radar.

This week, the Chair of the House of Commons Ethics Committee announced during Question Period the committee is ready to begin its own study on the SNC-Lavalin scandal, provided that the Liberal majority in the committee allows it to proceed. This announcement was followed by former Treasury Board Secretary Dr. Jane Philpott’s saying in a national magazine interview that she believes there is much more to the story that needs to be told. To quote Dr. Philpott, “I believe we actually owe it to Canadians as politicians to ensure that they have the truth. They need to have confidence in the very basic constitutional principle of the independence of the justice system.” Philpott further stated she believes the truth will not come out because of an attempt to shut down the story by the Prime Minister and his advisors.

The Prime Minister thinks his reckless spending will distract from his corruption. Canadians won’t buy it. I want to be very clear on this point. The Conservative Caucus will not back down on pressuring the Prime Minister to waive all privilege and allow all the principal players to testify under oath and tell Canadians their full story. We will use every procedural means at our disposal to get to the bottom of this. 

We will let the Liberals sleep when they let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak. The former Liberal Treasury Board President has called it a cover-up. Canadians need to hear the truth.

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