Carbon tax will add 11.5 cents to every litre of gas

April 9, 2018

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is getting ready to impose its carbon tax on Saskatchewanians; something that the NDP supports.  The mechanism for imposing this tax on provinces was included in the Liberal government’s omnibus budget implementation bill and will have real impacts on our pocketbooks.

While Saskatchewan continues to hold out against Liberal bullying from Ottawa to impose a carbon tax in our province, other Liberal-friendly provinces have gone ahead and their residents are paying for it.  Families in NDP-led Alberta are expected to pay at least an extra $500 more in taxes this year, and in Ontario gas prices have been consistently rising.  It’s estimated that once fully implemented, the Liberal carbon tax will be the equivalent of adding 11.5 cents to every litre of gas you pump into your vehicle or farm equipment. 

According to numbers from our own provincial government, the carbon tax could cost Saskatchewanians $4.5 billion over the next five years; that’s the equivalent of $3,853 per person in our province.  I unequivocally agree with Premier Moe that this is an unacceptable expense to place on Saskatchewan families, farmers, seniors, youth and business owners.

Canadians know that there are better ways to protect our environment and combat climate change than by taxing hard working rural Canadians.  Our Conservative Party is not against the Liberal government’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  In fact, the Liberals actually kept our previous government’s targets because they recognized they are realistically achievable (while the NDP actually think that the Liberals have not gone far enough).  Where we differ is in how to get there.

Investments in clean technologies and projects like the Boundary Dam Carbon Sequestration Project in Estevan are much more effective than adding another tax to Canadian wallets.  Another positive way forward would have been a sector-by-sector approach that recognizes the importance of sustainable resource development to our economy and the realities of Canadian life in a vast country that requires us to drive from point A to point B.  This was the approach to environmental stewardship that our former Conservative government pursued and it was an approach that had buy in from Canadians from coast to coast.

It is Liberal arrogance, fully endorsed by the NDP, that is forcing a carbon tax on Saskatchewan and they’re not even trying to hide it.  In an interview last weekend, Trudeau’s Environment Minister said that she has “no time” for people who don’t think the carbon tax is a good idea.

Conservatives are the voice of hard-working Canadian taxpayers who have to drive from A to B to get to work because there is no other option, who farm with tractors and heavy machinery, who mine and forest with diesel-powered equipment and who care for the environment and know that there is a better way to reach emissions targets than by raising taxes.  We will continue to fight this tax grab every step of the way.

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