Conservatives the answer to reckless Liberal spending

June 24, 2017

With Justin Trudeau’s Liberals increasingly out-of-touch with the priorities of everyday Canadians, Conservatives are ready to offer fresh ideas and new leadership.  The Liberals promised to help the middle class, but their reckless spending is leaving future generations with a deficit Canadians will be paying for until the 2050s.  With the Trudeau Liberals, one thing is certainly clear: our kids and grandkids will have to pay tomorrow for Justin Trudeau’s out of control spending today.

He promised to only borrow $10 billion last year, but he actually borrowed $23 billion.  And now, he’s borrowing another $28.5 billion this year.  In fact, the projected deficits for the next six years equal an addition $143 billion in borrowing. 

What are the Liberals spending this money on?  Certainly not on things that help Saskatchewan families.  What value do Saskatchewanians get out of the Prime Minister’s personal travel expenses, ministerial limo rides or million dollar renovations to ministerial offices in Ottawa?  Why should taxpayers like you and I pay for $2,000 cardboard cut-outs of the Prime Minister, tens of thousands of dollars in new TVs for Ottawa offices, or $30,000 in Broadway tickets for bank and law firm executives?

The simple fact is that borrowed money has to be paid back, and higher taxes are the only way this will happen.  We’ve already seen the Liberals hike taxes on families, small businesses and students.  Now they’re cancelling the Public Transit Tax Credit, hiking taxes on beer, wine and spirits and increasing user fees on things like campsites, fishing licenses and passports.  They’re also supporting a Netflix Tax, which would be an extra 5% tax on your monthly internet bill. 

These tax hikes are nickel-and-diming everyday families, but the increased burden on your wallet does not stop there.  Justin Trudeau is also holding our provinces hostage, forcing them to buy into his carbon tax scheme on fear of losing out of federal funding.  Canadians will be paying 11 cents per litre more for gas by 2022 thanks to Trudeau’s carbon tax.

It’s clear that under the Liberal government, Canadians are paying more and getting less.  Canada’s Conservatives are ready to offer an alternative to the Liberal out-of-control spending in Ottawa.  We’re here to be the voice of the taxpayer, to stand up for working families and the values and ideas that bring the prosperity they deserve.  We want to make sure that our children are not responsible for the reckless spending of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

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