Defending Local Jobs

July 23, 2018

In light of the current trade war with United States and the grave impact it’s having on Canadian businesses, the Conservative Members of the International Trade Committee have embarked on a cross country fact finding mission. We are meeting with local businesses and are witnessing the dire consequences of the tariffs firsthand. This week, I travelled to Winnipeg alongside my colleague James Bezan to meet with workers and businesses to determine how best to respond to the threat to our economy posed by the tariffs.

Conservative International Trade Committee members, of whom I am a member called for an emergency Committee meeting on the tariffs. The emergency June 25th meeting had a consistent message: Canadian businesses are suffering from this trade war. The retaliatory tariffs are more than just symbolic – they have real life consequences.

The United States Department of Commerce recently announced it will launch another investigation into imports of uranium, similar to the investigation launched earlier this year on steel and aluminum. The investigation will cover all aspects of the industry, from mining through enrichment for electricity generation, its role in military defence, and other industrial uses.

This investigation could again lead to negative consequences for Canada and for Saskatchewan as our country is the second-largest producer of uranium in the world. Saskatchewan based Cameco Corporation mined nearly 24 million pounds of uranium last year. Nearly 30% of it was sold to the United States. Experts predict that Canada will not be exempted from any tariffs, yet again.

To make matters worse, the red tape and new regulations instituted by the Liberal government on top of its planned carbon tax are further hurting the Canadian economy. By imposing a carbon tax, Canada’s competitiveness in the global marketplace will greatly diminish. In order to soften the blow of the tariffs, the Liberal Government must cancel its carbon tax so that Canada remains competitive and attracts investment.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has a plan to save us from this Liberal mess. He has urged the Prime Minister to recall Parliament for an emergency session to ratify the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans Pacific Partnership Implementation Act (CPTPP). Scheer understands that in these uncertain times that threaten the livelihood of thousands of Canadians, Canada must diversify its trading markets. His Conservative vision will create a competitive environment for businesses by lowering taxes, opposing the carbon tax, and improving the corporate tax rate advantage.

Our Party is doing everything it can to help defend local jobs. We plan on spending the entire summer consulting with local businesses and their workers, and being their voice in these uncertain times. The longer this trade war continues, the graver the consequences will be. Unfortunately for the average Canadian, the Trudeau Liberals have failed to plan for the situation we now find ourselves in. Their last Budget was sadly silent on measures to reassure the families that will be greatly impacted by the tariffs.

Conservatives will continue to stand with average Canadian worker who stand to be impacted by these devastating tariffs and hold the Trudeau government to account when they don’t take action to defend local jobs.

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