Environment Plan Survey - May 2021
Canadians have been clear. They want government to address climate change without sacrificing economic growth.
New federal investment in carbon capture and storage will benefit Saskatchewan's resource economy?
Farmers have sequestered carbon for many decades. They should possess the ability to sell carbon offsets to oil, fertilizer and other carbon-intensive companies.
Selling carbon offsets would help to end to companies and heavy industry leaving Canada by levelling the playing field with our international competitors.
Replacing the Trudeau carbon tax with Low Carbon Savings Accounts managed by individual Canadians gives families control over making choices that work for them.
A carbon border tariff on foreign oil imports would protect both the environment and our economy. It puts Canadian oil on a level playing field with oil imports from countries with far lower environmental standards.
Canada must adapt to a US, Europe and a UK move toward markets protected from cheaper carbon intensive products via border tariffs.
The Government of Saskatchewan can still choose to enact its own plan with federal cooperation in order to meet the Harper targets.
Is Member of Parliament Randy Hoback on the right track?