Fighting Trudeau’s Tax Changes

September 26, 2017
Higher taxes help no one. Yet, by pursuing their unfair tax plan, Justin Trudeau, Bill Morneau, Ralph Goodale, and the entire Liberal team in Ottawa want to make local businesses, including farmers, pay more to the government. Their plan entirely disregards the workers whose jobs will be put at risk and the impact that their tax hike will have on communities. We’re not talking about multi-national corporations, we are talking about local businesses and family farms and the people that they employ.

The Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, is proposing to tax the investment income of small business owners (including farmers) at a rate of 73%. However, these changes will not apply to companies that trade on the stock market. As a result, the Finance Minister’s own billion dollar family company (Morneau Shepell) will not pay a penny more in tax. But Saskatchewan farmers and entrepreneurs will. How is that fair?

Last week, Minister Morneau asked MPs during Question Period to give him the contact information of persons affected by his small business tax grab. So I gave the Minister constituent Terry Youzwa’s phone number. Terry is an independent grain farmer from Nipawin who is very concerned about how the Liberal government’s tax proposals will affect the intergenerational transfer and future prosperity of family farms.

I had a chance to speak with Terry after the Finance Minister called him. They had a ten minute conversation where Terry expressed his concerns about issues like farm succession.The Liberal tax changes apply a 45% dividend tax on the sale of a farmer’s land to their children. Yet zero tax would be applied to the sale of the same land to a foreign owned conglomerate.

Disappointingly, the Minister was more intent on explaining his changes to the tax code rather than listening to and addressing Terry’s concerns. It was disappointing for me to hear this because I gave the Minister Terry’s number in good faith, hoping that he would take the concerns of a rural Saskatchewan farmer to heart and re-think his disastrous tax plan. I guess I was wrong.

The truth is that Justin Trudeau’s policies hurt the very people he claims to want to help. Increasing taxes on local businesses and farmers who create jobs is dangerous to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Canadians. There is nothing fair about that. There is an alternative for Canadian taxpayers – a Conservative Party that respects local businesses, farmers and the Canadians who rely on these business owners for a paycheque.

My Conservative colleagues and I in Ottawa will continue to fight this tax hike every step of the way.

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