Giving Constituents a Voice

August 28, 2018

his month, my staff and I were out across our constituency knocking on doors and talking to constituents. We began in St. Louis, and continued to Prince Albert, Birch Hills, Weldon, Shellbrook, Melfort, and Nipawin. The purpose of our canvassing week was to give constituents the opportunity to voice issues that are important to them.

Over the course of our canvassing week, we knocked on 1500 doors. My staff and I were met with enthusiasm and hospitality that is typical of Saskatchewanians. We updated our constituents on our office locations and the services we offer, as well as provided them with a survey in order to gauge their position on certain matters of interest.

The most common issues voiced were rural crime, high taxes, and the impending Trudeau carbon tax – a tax supported by federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and his party. The majority of households we visited expressed real concerns about the increase in rural crime across the province. They also told us that they felt powerless and voiceless against rural crime, as no measures were being undertaken to tackle the problem. The liberals have failed rural communities. By taking away mandatory minimum sentences for repeat offenders, they are enabling these petty criminals.

The justice system at large is failing rural Canadians, by allowing distractions to get in the way of justice. Instead of detaining and punishing those responsible for committing these crimes, judges merely give them a slap on the wrist. I reminded my constituents that my office held a rural crime roundtable last year in order to assess and address the issue, as well as raise awareness. I also assured them that a Conservative Government would be tough on crime and ensure that criminals would receive punishments that fit the crime.

High taxes were another major concern for most constituents we encountered. The money left on their paycheques now is significantly less than it was during our Conservative government. Many recounted their struggles to make ends meet, despite the long hours of work they endure. 

On the Trudeau/Singh carbon tax, the majority of constituents we spoke to were strongly opposed to it. They urged me to continue to fight against the carbon tax, and I reassured them that the Conservative Opposition is doing everything it can to keep the carbon tax a Liberal fantasy.

However, the one unanimous message we received last week throughout the riding was that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government need to go. The Liberals’ failed policies and their virtue signalling are starting to have real consequences for Canadians; and Canadians are tired of it.

I remain hopeful after last week that Canadians across the country are mobilized to move our country in a new direction, and to trust the Conservatives with again managing the country. The sentiment across the riding was indisputably clear: we need change, and we need it sooner rather than later.

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