Ottawa, ON – Randy Hoback, Conservative Shadow Minister for International Trade and Supply Chain Resilience, responded with encouragement today on the announcement that free trade negotiations between Canada and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are proceeding:

“I am encouraged the Government is moving forward on this very important trade file,” said Hoback. “I look forward to Minister Ng and the Liberals following their updated policies in sharing information with Parliament before commencing in these trade negotiations.”

In November 2020, the Liberal government updated federal policy on tabling treaties in Parliament to allow for enhanced information sharing during the negotiation of free trade agreements. Before commencing such negotiations, it must now table in the House of Commons, a Notice of Intent to enter into negotiations at least 90 days before those negotiations begin. The Government must also table a description of the objectives of those negotiations at least 30 days before the negotiations begin, as well as an Economic Impact Assessment that will accompany implementing legislation when it is tabled in the House.

“I look forward to receiving the Government’s goals and objectives of the negotiations when it tables them in Parliament,” added Hoback.  “How stakeholders will be properly consulted must be included within its tabling.”

“I also look forward to a proper study on a proposed agreement with ASEAN in Committee, as well as a fulsome debate on the treaty in the House of Commons,” concluded Hoback.