To mark the 75th anniversary of Canada’s engagement in the Second World War, living Canadian Veterans of that conflict can receive the Second World War Tribute. This special commemorative lapel pin and certificate of recognition from Veterans Affairs Canada is available until the end of 2020.
Living Canadians who served during the Second World War with Canadian or any Allied forces, including the Canadian or British Merchant Navy, qualify to receive a Second World War Tribute. The Second World War Tribute honours the brave Canadians whose sacrifices and achievements helped give us the freedom we enjoy today.
If you or a family member qualify for the Second World War Tribute, you can receive a certificate signed by the Minister of Veterans Affairs, a letter and special lapel pin from VAC.
We are committed to honouring the sacrifices made by Canadians during the Second World War, sacrifices that gave us the peace and freedom we enjoy today.
Through the Second World War Tribute program, help give a living Second World War Veteran this special memento by registering his or her name below:

World War II Commemorative Pin and Certificate Registration
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