Liberal government has failed Canadian workers, businesses and exporters by walking out of CETA talks: Hoback

October 21, 2016

OTTAWA – Conservative Vice-Chair of the House of Commons International Trade Committee Randy Hoback released a statement today following news that Minister of International Trade Chrystia Freeland walked out of talks with Belgian and European Leaders and her statement that finalizing CETA is impossible:


“Instead of being front and centre, Justin Trudeau has been completely absent from trying to secure Canada’s biggest trade deal since NAFTA. Now at a crucial time, instead of doubling down on negotiations, the Minister to whom he passed this off has thrown her hands up in despair and given up.  That’s not leadership.  It’s a total failure of leadership.


“One year ago, CETA was agreed to by Canada and the EU, the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks had successfully concluded and there was still one year of market-certainty for Canadian softwood lumber producers and the forestry sector. This Liberal government has made it impossible for any business that relies on international trade to see growth and succeed in the global marketplace.


“Minister Freeland has stated that her government had made CETA more ‘progressive’ after she yielded to demands earlier this year to renegotiate the investment dispute mechanism. The naiveté of this Liberal government in opening the deal up and failing to read the dynamics on the ground in the European Union is what caused this deal to fail.  Unfortunately, the unwillingness of the Liberals to fight for Canadian interests is going to cost people their livelihoods.


“Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland have once again failed Canadian workers, businesses and exporters by walking out of these trade talks.”

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