NDP Creating Divisions Across the Country – Trudeau Does Nothing About it

February 16, 2018

The NDP has been at work creating divisions across the country and the federal Liberal government isn’t doing anything about it. The fight between the NDP Premier of British Columbia and the NDP Premier of Alberta over the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is holding Canada’s resource industry hostage, and sadly Justin Trudeau has failed to show leadership and stand up for Canada’s natural resource industry and the jobs that depend on it.

The Trans Mountain Expansion is a project to expand an already existing pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia’s coast in order to get more oil sands resources to tidewater. The project has already received federal approval, but the NDP Premier of BC is refusing permission for the project to move ahead.

Justin Trudeau has offered no action to resolve this NDP infighting that is threatening jobs and opportunity across Canada. However, we shouldn’t be too surprised since his Liberal government has chosen to pile on new regulations, creating additional obstacles for Canadian energy projects, instead of championing those projects and promoting the benefits that they would bring to communities across Canada. It’s a fact that his far-left ideology killed the Energy East Pipeline, even though it had the support of the Liberal Premier of New Brunswick.

The issues arising from the Trans Mountain project are concerning to those of us in Saskatchewan because it begs the question, if NDP politicians are able to halt the shipment of oil across our country, what is next? It isn’t hard to imagine a scenario where Saskatchewan potash and oil shipments could be held hostage just because another premier doesn’t agree with a decision made by our own provincial government.

Both natural resource workers and farmers are dependent on access to the Port of Vancouver. Farmers also need new pipelines to free up rail capacity. It is therefore very dangerous for Justin Trudeau to allow the BC NDP Premier to hold that access hostage for any reason.

It is for this very reason that Canada exists as a federation. No province should be able to hold the economic well-being of the rest of Canada hostage for political reasons. In 2010, the New West Partnership came into effect after likeminded Premiers from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba agreed that their cooperation was not only mutually beneficial for their own provinces, but for Canada as a whole. It has taken only seven months of having the NDP govern both BC and Alberta at the same time to jeopardize everything.

It’s time for the Prime Minister to show real leadership and take action to resolve the Trans Mountain situation before Saskatchewan natural resource workers and others who rely on the Port of Vancouver for their livelihoods pay the price.

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