New Federal NDP Leader Wrong to Support a Saskatchewan Carbon Tax

November 6, 2017

The Saskatchewan NDP just held its annual convention in Regina this past weekend, and the new federal NDP leader has been crossing the country trying to build support. But the talk coming out of the convention and Jagmeet Singh’s national travel has been nothing but bad news for Saskatchewanians. It is hard not to see how the NDP would destroy our province’s economy.

Saskatchewan has benefited from the strong leadership of Brad Wall over the last decade and he hasn’t always had an easy time of it. Against pressure from Liberal premiers from Eastern Canada, an NDP premier to the West and a Liberal Prime Minister, Brad Wall has been a lone voice in opposing Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax scheme that would cripple our province’s farms and other businesses.

But now with the news of Premier Wall’s retirement, the NDP have their eye on forcing Saskatchewan into collecting a carbon tax. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh commented in an interview in Ottawa on October 19th that with Brad Wall no longer leading Saskatchewan, getting a carbon tax in place here would be a much easier task.

Comments like this should not be a surprise, coming from an out-of-touch NDP that is focused on implementing its radical LEAP manifesto, written and supported by rich actors and activists who likely believe you can pull an air seeder with a Prius.

Recent numbers from an Angus Reid survey show that two-thirds of Saskatchewanians do not want a carbon tax imposed on them. I am proud that Premier Brad Wall has stood up to Liberal and NDP MPs in Ottawa who want us to change our entire way of life. If a carbon tax works so well, why did both France and Australia abandon their carbon tax plans shortly after introducing them?

Support for a carbon tax here is dropping because Canadians know that there are better ways to protect our environment and combat climate change than by taxing hard working rural Canadians.

Most Saskatchewanians have to drive to work because there is no other option. We also farm with tractors and heavy machinery, and mine and forest with diesel-powered equipment. We know there is a better way to reach emissions targets than by raising taxes.

Today’s NDP is out of touch with Saskatchewanians and how we earn our livings. It should rename itself the No Development Party.

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