Op/Ed – Canadians deserve better than a string of broken promises from their Prime Minister

April 15, 2016

Justin Trudeau has proven that he was willing to say anything to get elected.  To him, an election promise is not something that needs to be kept after winning government.  Canadians deserve better than a string of broken promises from their Prime Minister.

On the campaign trail, Justin Trudeau repeatedly insisted that a Liberal government would not create deficits larger than $10 billion and that the budget would be balanced by 2019.  Instead, his first Liberal budget puts Canada $30 billion in the hole with no plan to return to balance.  Borrowed money eventually has to be paid back and after the Liberal Budget, your family’s share of the national debt has gone up by about $3,250 for this year alone.  Conservatives will continue to demand that taxpayers’ money is respected.

During the 2015 campaign, the Liberals promised to take care of middle class families. However, Budget 2016 eliminates the family-based tax credits that helped you do things like put your kids in sports and arts programs and pay for their education.  It instead replaces them with programs that may, or may not, benefit you. Under the new Liberal Child Benefit, at least 10% of families will lose the support they received under the Conservative Universal Child Care Benefit.

Justin Trudeau also went back on his promise to enhance Employment Insurance for those out of work across the country and inexcusably scoffed at Saskatchewan workers who remain ineligible for EI by saying that they should be happy they haven’t been harder hit by the downturn in the oil and gas sector. Conservatives support policies that put more money back in the pockets of Canada’s middle-class, no matter whom you voted for or where you work. 

The Liberals promised small business owners that they would continue to lower the small business tax rate.  However, after Budget 2016, they’ve raised taxes on small businesses by keeping their tax rate at 10.5% instead of lowering it to the scheduled 9%.  They also ended the hiring credit for small businesses.  The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has called Liberal Budget 2016 concerning for business owners.

The government was also quick to retreat on its commitment to more openness and transparency.  The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) says we can’t trust the Liberals’ job numbers and economic forecasts because they are hiding vital information and failing to consult independent experts.  The Liberals finally gave the PBO the numbers he was looking for, but they did nothing to clarify his findings that the government is creating its own economic growth projections and exaggerating job growth expectations.

Just as openness and transparency are out the window, so too are ethics and accountability.  Just this month, the Minister of Justice was the guest of honour at a $500 ticket Liberal fundraiser at a Toronto law firm.  This is an inexcusable conflict of interest that the both she and Prime Minister Trudeau continue to defend and so the Conservative Deputy Justice Critic has written to the federal Ethics Commissioner asking her to investigate.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have only been in power for five months and their list of broken promises continues to grow.  Your Conservative representatives in Ottawa will continue to hold this government to account for its reckless spending, increased taxes, lack of transparency and questionable ethics.

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