Opinion/Editorial – Dividing Canadians Is Not the Answer on Job Creation

May 16, 2012

Recently, new NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair made his new jobs plan known to Canadians.  He wants to create jobs in Ontario and Quebec by killing jobs in Western Canada.  Mulcair also labelled Western Canada`s natural resources sector a “disease”.

 Mulcair’s disdain for our natural resources sector is indeed not that surprising.  In 2010, he wrote the foreword to a book written by Andrew Nikiforuk, whose French title translates to Oil Sands: Canada’s Shame — How Dirty Oil is Destroying the Planet.

 Canadians, I believe will not accept Mulcair’s recycled divide and conquer approach. Such an approach was employed by Ralph Goodale’s Liberals in the 1980s with its implementation of the National Energy Program – a Program which was designed to benefit Central Canada at the expense of the West; a Program which fed the rise of Western alienation and movements of Western separatism. 

 Canadians believe the prosperity of one is the prosperity for all.  Quite frankly, that is what the Canadian people expect.  Whether Thomas Mulcair likes it or not, Canada’s natural resource sector is a sector that employs hundreds of thousands of Canadians.  It is not an illness, nor is it a disease.  

 In the words of journalist Rex Murphy, the activity out-west is the single largest reason Canada has avoided the worst of the world`s recession.  Mr. Mulcair might have noted that.  Instead, Mulcair chose to invoke a divide and conquer strategy which will never be accepted by our Conservative Government, or by our country.

Mulcair’s obstinance toward the creation of high-paying, unionized and non-unionized natural resource jobs clearly illustrates what the NDP has morphed into under its recent leadership.  The NDP is no longer a Party of the farmer, or the working man, fighting for high paying jobs and better standards of living for its membership.  The NDP has become a political movement led by urban special interests and eco-activists willing to sacrifice job creation and economic growth in favour of its skewed view of their utopian world.

Canada’s natural resources provide us with an unprecedented opportunity to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic prosperity right across our great country, while protecting Canada’s environment.

The Conservative Government and the Western Premiers have seen through Mr. Mulcair’s cynical attempt to pin one part of the country against another.

We think Canadians will too.

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