PBO says carbon tax needs to be five times higher to reach Canada’s Paris Targets

June 19, 2019

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh pretend to have plans to fight climate change and to achieve Canada’s emission targets under the Paris Accord. But now the federal government’s own figures confirm that isn’t true.

This past week the Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed that the carbon tax would need to be $102 per tonne in every province and territory in order to reach Canada’s Paris targets. That’s five times more expensive than it is today, meaning Canadians would pay more for groceries, home heating and add 23 cents per litre to the cost of gasoline.

The carbon tax isn’t a plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions. It’s just another cash grab which is hurting already over taxed Canadians. When announcing its carbon-tax rebate program, the Trudeau Liberals said the average rebate payment would be $248 in New Brunswick, $300 in Ontario, $336 in Manitoba and $598 in Saskatchewan. Yet the average rebates have been much lower: $174 in New Brunswick, $203 in Ontario, $231 in Manitoba and $422 in Saskatchewan. With less money being returned to Canadians, they will have even less money in their pockets.


The Liberal government continues to cover up the true cost of their carbon tax. It still hasn't told Canadians how much more it will cost them for everyday essentials like groceries, gasoline, and home heating. You would think that the federal NDP would be vocal in standing up for how Canadians now being gouged by this tax. Yet all that we have heard out of federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s mouth is silence.

Not surprisingly, Jagmeet Singh’s NDP has proven itself to be a vehement opponent of Canadian energy. Its radical policies and constant flip-flopping are a major threat to Canada’s prosperity. It’s clear the NDP would destroy our energy industry, and massively raise taxes on Canadian families.

For example, the NDP is against pipeline construction, and Jagmeet Singh has even said that the future of Canada cannot involve the consumption of any oil or gas. It’s shameful to hear a party leader attack our energy sector which employs so many hardworking Canadians.

Meanwhile, Singh continues to support Trudeau’s carbon tax. He also opposes the Trans Mountain Expansion and keeps flip-flopping on his support for liquid natural gas (LNG). His radical policies would eliminate jobs, hurt our industries and take more money out of the pockets of hardworking Canadians.

While the NDP promotes anti-energy rhetoric, Canada’s Conservatives, led by Andrew Scheer,  support both our energy industry and our environment. We support fighting climate change globally by reducing global emissions without a carbon tax, and protecting and conserving our air, water and wildlife.

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