The Liberal Government & the NDP have made a mess of the Transmountain Pipeline Project

April 23, 2018

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government, along with the NDP Premiers of British Columbia and Alberta have made a mess of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project.  After two years of dithering and mixed signals from the Liberals, Kinder Morgan, the company responsible for the project, made the decision to suspend all work because their investors were getting cold feet.  They were looking for the Prime Minister to enforce the rule of law and make BC Premier Horgan stand down his opposition to this critical project for the Canadian economy. In the face of no such believable assurance, Kinder Morgan made the best business decision it could.

It is hard to overstate just how important the Trans Canada Expansion project is for Canada’s energy sector.  At a cost of over $7 billion, the project was slated to create the equivalent of 15,000 jobs during the construction phase and the equivalent of 37,000 jobs during operation.  Justin Trudeau gave into left-wing environmental interests when his government nixed the Northern Gateway Pipeline project, and looked the other way while his Liberal friends in Ontario and Quebec made the Energy East Pipeline a completely untenable project.  Trans Mountain was supposed to help make up for those losses.

Now, Justin Trudeau is realizing the consequences of his years of inaction on the energy file. Desperate for a win, Trudeau has stated that his government plans to subsidize the Trans Mountain Expansion project and table legislation to address the problem of BC standing in the project’s way. 

Let me be very clear: this pipeline project does not need any more money, let alone taxpayer dollars.  It also doesn’t need, as federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has suggested, a Supreme Court reference.  Such a reference is nothing more than a stalling tactic promoted by Singh to kill the project.  Singh is already on record as opposing both the Kinder Morgan pipeline and Energy East.  Pipelines that cross provincial boundaries or the Canada-U.S. border are regulated federally by the National Energy Board (NEB). They are a federal responsibility.

What Trans Mountain actually needs is a more certain business climate that is free of constantly changing regulatory requirements and carbon taxes, and a Prime Minister with a backbone to stand up to an NDP Premier who is holding the economy of Canada hostage.

Before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, energy projects were built without taxpayer support.  Now he would have us believe that it is the only way for them to go forward.  This is simply not true.

My Conservative colleagues and I will always stand up for our Canadian energy workers, no matter what.  When we form government in 2019, we will get right to work undoing the damage that Justin Trudeau’s anti-energy policies have done to our economy.

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