The Trudeau Liberals and the NDP have never made our energy sector a priority

October 7, 2017
This week was a very disappointing one for the women and men who rely on the Canadian energy sector for a job. On Thursday, TransCanada announced it is cancelling the Energy East Pipeline project – a project which would have created 15,000 middle class jobs and injected $55 billion into the Canadian economy. But really, we shouldn’t be shocked by this development. The Trudeau Liberals, constantly supported by the NDP, have never made the energy sector a priority.

Without a doubt, the cancellation of Energy East is a result of Justin Trudeau’s mismanagement and failure to champion the Canadian energy sector. It has become a pattern with this Liberal government as is evident in its confounding decision to demand that companies calculate upstream emissions for their projects in Canada – a standard not imposed on foreign companies from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia that export oil to Canada.

Trudeau’s own words at the Davos Economic Forum in 2016 showed a complete lack of support for the Canadian energy industry when he asked international investors to focus more on Canada’s “resourcefulness” than its resources. By creating such a toxic investment climate in Canada, the Prime Minister is putting the interests of foreign oil companies and foreign despots ahead of Canadian interests. He and his allies on the NDP benches continue to claim to support the middle class while his actions and misguided policies hurt those whom he’s claiming to help.
Justin Trudeau had an opportunity with the Energy East Pipeline. He could have championed this nation-building project and helped grow the prosperity of Canada’s exceptional energy sector. But he didn’t, and the refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick will continue to refine oil from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia instead of from Western Canada.
Whether it’s promoting the energy sector or trying to fulfill campaign promises, everything becomes a disaster the minute Trudeau becomes involved.
In 2019, I hope that TransCanada will try once more to advance this nation-building project that will create thousands of good paying jobs and help export Canadian oil to Canadian provinces and around the world.
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