Trudeau Accuses the Working-Poor of Not Paying Taxes

February 12, 2019

Just Trudeau showed his true colours last week in Parliament.

When asked by my colleague Pierre Poilievre in the House of Commons as to why he and his government cancelled the Public Transit Tax Credit, Trudeau’s response was to tell low income Canadians that because they do not pay taxes, they do not benefit from tax breaks. Talk about being out of touch.

As those without a multi-million dollar trust fund are aware, Canadians must pay federal income tax after earning over $11, 809. Canadians also pay payroll taxes, sales taxes and other government fees. This year, Trudeau will also impose a carbon tax on our province.

Taxpayers benefitted from tax credits implemented by the previous Conservative Government For example, the Conservative Children’s Fitness Tax Credit was fully refundable in 2015, allowing low and middle income earners to claim up to $1100 per child. Yet Justin Trudeau cancelled this credit despite the Parliamentary Budget Officer reporting in 2014 that the primary beneficiaries of previous Conservative Government tax changes were low and middle income Canadians.

Trudeau’s statement that low income families don’t benefit from tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes is an insult to all hardworking Canadians who pay their taxes and just barely get by. In his eyes, people who take the bus to work are too rich. This is why he took away the Public Transit tax credit. He then took away the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, as soccer moms and hockey dads in his eyes are also too rich. Yet at the same time, Trudeau continues to force hardworking Canadians to pay for his excessiveness.

In his arrogance, Trudeau doesn’t see the irony of accusing the working-poor of not paying their taxes. Canadians are aware that he inherited a multi-million dollar family fortune in the form of a tax-preferred trust fund – a trust fund according to the newspaper Le Journal de Montréal that has grown without affecting the Prime Minister’s taxable income for 15 years.

Under Trudeau’s leadership, the wealthiest one per cent of Canadians are now paying $4.6 billion less in taxes, and the share of the overall federal tax burden paid by the wealthiest one per cent of Canadians has dropped.

Trudeau and his government are so out of touch that they do not understand the everyday struggles of Canadians. Hardworking taxpayers deserve better than this.

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