Trudeau using government to punish those who do not share his beliefs

February 6, 2018

Justin Trudeau is using his Liberal government to punish Canadians who do not share his belief system. The Canada Summer Jobs program has been a successful initiative for years, funding jobs for students across the country to work for a variety of organizations that can use extra help.

Museums, municipalities, not-for-profits, schools, churches, you name it: all have applied successfully under the program in the past. But now the Liberals, supported by the federal NDP, have introduced a caveat in the application process; organizations that do not buy-in to Justin Trudeau’s left-wing progressive ideology would find themselves ineligible.

A fundamental hallmark of free societies throughout the world is the right of its citizens to possess the freedoms of opinion, belief, conscience and expression. In Canada, such freedoms are explicitly written into our Charter of Rights and Freedoms – a document which Justin Trudeau seems to think only applies to those who think like him.

The exclusion of many organizations from the Canada Summer Jobs program has been a hot-button issue across the country, in addition to our own riding. Even Liberal MPs are expressing their reservations about their leader’s flippant disregard for Canadians who believe differently than he does. Liberal MP Scott Simms from Newfoundland and Labrador has said that he has told Liberal Ministers that what they have done is not right. But the Liberals and the federal NDP have only dug their heels in further.

It is vital that the Liberal government hear from those who disagree with their intention to exclude many organizations from applying to the Canadian Summer jobs fund. There are now petitions circulating around our riding calling on the government to change its mind and I encourage you to add your name to this fight. You can also download a copy of the petition via my website. I will proudly present them in the House of Commons on your behalf once they are mailed back to my office.

Canada is a strong country because we treat everyone with respect. However, Justin Trudeau’s lack of respect for others has profoundly disappointed Canadians. Let’s make our voice heard on this issue before it’s too late.

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