Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Will Increase the Cost of Fertilizer, Fuel, Parts & Transportation

October 30, 2018

Farmers are upset that this government has brought on another tax that their international competitors don’t have.  And while Ralph Goodale claims that farmers will be exempt, the reality is the cost of fertilizer, fuel, parts and transportation will increase due to Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax

Canadian farmers have been global leaders in developing new technologies and techniques to reduce their costs. These new technologies have benefitted the environment.  No-till seeding and precision farming for example have drastically reduced fuel consumption and farming’s carbon foot print. Through these practices, farmers continue to be part of the solution through their sequestering of carbon. Yet Trudeau has instead chosen to punish farmers for their environmental stewardship.  The reality is they are being taxed and deceived by this Liberal government.

The Trudeau carbon tax will also cut into the livelihoods of our province’s beef producers, as they will also have to absorb its cost on inputs, feed and animal transportation. Beef export prices must compete on an international stage. As a result, ranchers’ bottom lines will be cut, leading to increased stress on the industry.

What is most infuriating about the Trudeau carbon tax plan is that the Liberal Government has a separate deal for special interests that have powerful lobbyists in Ottawa. As outlined in the carbon tax background document, there will be a separate pricing system for industrial facilities. These facilities will get a 90% exemption from the Liberal carbon tax, while small businesses, soccer moms and rural Canadians will have to pay the tax on 100% of the energy they consume.

The Liberal government will collect more in taxes than it gives back to Saskatchewanians in rebates, which means it is impossible for taxpayers to recoup what they have lost to the taxman.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has called the Prime Minister’s carbon tax plan a sham and a cynical attempt to buy your vote with your money. From the Trudeau government’s own documents, it is clear this is definitely the case.

Canada needs a smarter, more comprehensive approach that fully considers the real global impacts and the long-term costs and benefits of its policies.

Unless large and developing countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, global emissions will not decrease.  Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax will not save the environment. It will only hurt our economy and our families.

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