Your Personal Financial and Banking Information is None of Justin Trudeau’s Business

November 5, 2018

Last week, it was reported that Statistics Canada, without consent, was preparing to gather personal financial information from 500,000 Canadians. Even worse, the Liberal Government would not allow the chartered banks to inform their customers that the government is following every single one of their transactions.

We now know that the Liberal Government has already accessed the financial records of thousands, if not millions of Canadians without their consent. On at least two occasions, data was collected from a credit bureau. The data included names, addresses, social insurance numbers and more.

Canadians have the fundamental right to have their personal financial information protected. This issue is not about what is being made public. It is about whether or not the government thinks it has a right to peer into individuals' bank accounts and access line-by-line transactions.

Trudeau is so out of touch that he cannot see that Canadians have a big problem with the government having data on how they go about their daily lives. For instance, if a Canadian goes to Tim Hortons for a coffee, the Liberal government now knows. If someone goes to the grocery store, instantly the government will see where they shopped. If someone makes a transfer of money to their son or daughter in college or university, the government will know, as a debit card or credit card was used. The Liberal government will have access to all such transactions.

Section 5 of the Privacy Act reads that “a government institution shall inform any individual from whom the institution collects personal information about the individual….” Canadians' personal information belongs to them. It is unacceptable for the Trudeau Government to collect such information without Canadians’ consent. As a result of this overreach, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has launched an investigation after receiving complaints about Statistics Canada’s collection of such information.

Justin Trudeau seems to think that he and his government have the right to go into the line-by-line detail of Canadians' bank accounts and credit cards. While he talks about protecting privacy, just last year his government was forced to pay $17.5 million in a class action lawsuit over a major privacy breach involving student loan recipients.

The federal government has the responsibility of protecting Canadians’ personal and private financial information; not to take it without your consent.

Justin Trudeau needs to shut this down, now.

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