Since is first election in 2006, the Conservative Government has increased the points of service for Veterans by over 650 locations, which is 16 times higher than in 2006.  In total the Government has increased its investment in Veterans benefits since 2006 by nearly $5 billion.

The Veterans Affairs Services for Veterans Browser can be accessed by clicking here.

Contrary to incorrect information being provided by PSAC, there is now a full-time Veterans Affairs client service agent at each of the eight Service Canada locations closest to the closed Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) district offices – five of which are located in the exact same building.  This is the case in Saskatoon, where both Service Canada and the VAC district office are located at
101 22nd Street East.

Case-managed Veterans continue to have access to the same personalized visits from VAC case managers, whether in their own home or at a location of their choice. Service standards therefore remain consistent.  As well, Veterans Affairs Canada continues to offer a range of services and support to injured Veterans, including snow clearing, grass cutting and home cleaning, support for career re-training, and much more.

In Economic Action Plan 2014, the Government also announced a $108.2 million over three year investment (starting in 2013–14) to expand eligibility for the Funeral and Burial Program.  This will ensure that modern-day veterans of modest means have access to a dignified funeral and burial.   EAP 2014 also Increases access to veterans services by enabling veterans and their families to engage the Department of Veterans Affairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On a side note, I am very disappointed that PSAC continues to oppose Bill C-11, the Priority Hiring for Injured Veterans Act, which will give Veterans injured in service to Canada priority access to federal government job opportunities.

If you have any questions on this or on any other issues, please feel free to contact me at your convenience via the contact information listed on this web site.

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