2023 Trudeau's Second Carbon Tax to Cost Canadians, Big Time!
Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre wants to axe the carbon tax on food, fuel and home heating. Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh want to keep the carbon tax. Who is right?
The Liberal/NDP Coalition's two carbon taxes must be axed to bring affordability back to Canadians.
Bill C-21 is about the Liberals and the NDP taking the next step in their plan to confiscate hunting rifles.
Investing in policing and securing the border are better options than spending billions of taxpayers’ money confiscating firearms from law-abiding farmers, hunters, and Indigenous Canadians.
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh needs to stop helping Justin Trudeau coverup Beijing's interference in our democracy. Canadians need a public inquiry on foreign interference now!
Justin Trudeau's redesign of the Canadian Passport must be reversed.
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