Individuals and families

Indigenous peoples

In addition to the measures above, Indigenous peoples can also access benefits listed under Support for individuals and Support for businesses.

People who need it most

  • Improving access to essential food support
    • We are providing $100 million to national, regional, and local organizations across Canada to:
      • Purchase, transport and distribute food and other basic necessities;
      • hire temporary help to fill volunteer shortages;
      • implement safety measures, such as the purchase of personal protective equipment, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 among volunteers and clients.
    • These organizations – including but not limited to Food Banks Canada, Salvation Army, Second Harvest, Community Food Centres Canada, and Breakfast Club of Canada – will work with partners to meet the urgent food needs of Canadians.
  • Supporting people experiencing homelessness
  • Supporting women and children fleeing violence
  • Delivering essential services to those in need
    • 350 million to support vulnerable Canadians through charities and non-profit organizations that deliver essential services to those in need;
    • The investment will flow through national organizations that have the ability to get funds quickly to local organizations that serve vulnerable populations. It will support a variety of activities, such as:
      • Increasing volunteer-based home deliveries of groceries and medications;
      • Providing transportation services, like accompanying or driving seniors or persons with disabilities to appointments;
      • Scaling up help lines that provide information and support.
      • Helping vulnerable Canadians access government benefits;
      • Providing training, supplies, and other required supports to volunteers so they can continue to make their invaluable contributions to the COVID-19 response;
      • Replacing in-person, one-on-one contact and social gatherings with virtual contact through phone calls, texts, teleconferences, or the Internet.