Even Further Praise for Economic Action Plan 2014

February 12, 2014

A wide and diverse group of economists, entrepreneurs, community groups, commentators, and experts are all applauding Economic Action Plan 2014 and its measures as the right plan for jobs, growth and Canada’s long-term prosperity:

B’nai Brith Canada: “The integrity of the charity system is fundamental to the strength of Canadian society and must be protected against those that would abuse it to aid and abet terrorism and other crimes. Along with other measures introduced… the budget reflects the best interests of Canadians.”

MITACS: “The Government of Canada has taken two important steps today to promote innovation and productivity in the Canadian economy… The new funding… addresses Canada’s shortage of highly-skilled R&D managers, helping Canadian companies grow from this new infusion of management talent…further boosting innovation across the economy.”

McMaster University: “It’s an exceptional government investment… For Canada to now have this type of support from the government will allow our country to compete and collaborate at the highest levels.

Coalition québécoise pour le contrôle du tabac [Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control]: “Taxes on tobacco products are one of the most effective deterrents to smoking while raising extra revenue that can be invested in health. Health groups see each new increase as good news…. We are especially pleased to note that the federal government is not giving in to the endless protests of the tobacco industry and its allies…..”

Canadian Team Sports Coalition:  “Amidst the excitement of the Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Canadian Team Sports Coalition applauds the Government of Canada’s federal budget announcement of $6 million in on-going dedicated funding for team sports.”

Canada‘s Building Trades Unions: “After years of being a mere add-on to post-secondary education, apprenticeship is being noticed by our Federal Government… The way apprentices are being treated has changed and they are now, thanks to measures introduced in the this 2014 Budget, treated more like their colleagues in college and university training.”

Alzheimer Society of Canada: “On behalf of the 747,000 Canadians living with dementia, we are grateful to the
federal government for providing the resources needed to carry out important research to better understand how to tackle various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease,”

TRIUMF: “We are pleased to see the renewed commitment to existing core operations of the labs. We look forward to working together on an enhanced program of operating support as well as new opportunities over the course of the next year.”

George Brown College: “This budget connects the challenges of skills and innovation in concrete ways and through targeted, reasonable funding…I am also pleased the government acknowledged the important role apprenticeship training deserves alongside university and college education.”

Association for Mineral Exploration BC: “We are pleased to see the return of the mineral exploration tax credit in the budget… Many of our members are having difficulty raising capital in these financially challenging times, and the renewal is much appreciated.”

Calgary Chamber of Commerce: “Businesses large and small make tough decisions each day to balance their books and ensure they are on firm financial footing, and we applaud the federal government for doing the same. Reducing our deficit is one of the most important signals our government can send to the business community, showcasing its commitment to fiscal discipline.”

The Canadian Arts Coalition: “(CAC) applauds the Government of Canada for renewing key programs at the Department of Canadian Heritage in Budget 2014.”

McGill University: “The creation of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund strengthens the ability of Canadian universities to be global leaders in research and innovation… It adds significantly to previous investments in research excellence… The government’s increased investment in internships is a ‘win-win-win’ for students, Canadian employers and universities.”

Insurance Bureau of Canada: “(IBC) is very pleased by the commitment from the Federal Government to look further at one of the most pressing problems facing Canadians , that of Natural Catastrophes… This is the beginning of a process and we thank the Finance Minister and Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney for acknowledging the significance of these key public policy issues.”

Moody’s: “…the Canadian 2014-15 federal budget… is consistent with the policy assumptions that underpin the government’s Aaa bond rating, which has a stable outlook. The 2013 -14 fiscal deficit is estimated at 0.9% of GDP and the government has maintained its goal of returning to a balanced budget by 2015-16, projecting a modest surplus of 0.3% of GDP in that fiscal year.”

Grand Challenges Canada:  “We appreciate the government’s ongoing support for our vision of bold ideas with big impact in global health… This support will help to create and scale many new health innovations for low-resource countries, and will save and improve lives of many people around the world.”

Canadian Digital Media Network: “This is a strategic investment in Canada’s ability to lead the digital economy… This will allow the development of new applications and products, creating new business opportunities and jobs across the country.”

Vancouver Board of Trade: Economic Action Plan 2014 reinforced a stable financial platform… We are also pleased to see that the government has taken the difficult step to address some inequities within public sector compensation, as The Vancouver Board of Trade has specifically requested for years.”

Nature Conservancy of Canada : “The promise of a National Conservation Plan and the continued support for nature contained in today’s budget speak loudly to this government’s commitment to conservation.”

Imagine Canada:“We are very pleased that the federal government is expanding eligibility to Mitacs programs for charities and nonprofits, providing access to highly-skilled graduate and postgraduate students and researchers… This was our top recommendation during pre-budget consultations and will help charities benefit from cutting-edge talent and create greater awareness among young Canadians of career opportunities in the sector.”

Alberta Association for Community Living: “These funds will enhance what AACL is already achieving… “With enhanced funding from the federal government… the dreams of families and individuals can be more fully realized.”

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