Liberal government not on the side of Saskatchewanians

April 30, 2018

The Liberal government is not on the side of Saskatchewanians when it comes to energy and environment policy. Justin Trudeau is still trying to ram his carbon tax down the throat of our province and in the Minister of Environment’s own words, she just doesn’t have time for people who don’t agree with her liberal ideology on this issue. I am proud to be from a province that is taking the Liberals to court over this arrogance.

When it comes to energy and the environment, Justin Trudeau is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Against all the best advice, he’s pushing forward with this carbon tax that, according to a report this week from the Parliamentary Budget Officer, is going to cost the Canadian economy $10 billion per year by 2022. What does that mean for your family’s bottom line? Our Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance filed an access to information request for the briefing note at Finance Canada that has this information and the amounts came back blacked out. That’s right: the Liberals know how much their carbon tax is going to cost every family in Canada and they don’t want you to know what that amount is.

In the absence of any transparency from the Liberals, the Government of Saskatchewan did its own number crunching. According to its estimates, the carbon tax could cost Saskatchewanians $4.5 billion over the next five years; that’s the equivalent of $3,853 per person in our province. I unequivocally agree with Premier Moe that this is an unacceptable expense to place on Saskatchewan families, farmers, seniors, youth and business owners.

It is a mystery how Justin Trudeau can square his carbon tax with his supposed support for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. On one day the Prime Minister and his government state that the pipeline will be built and are even willing to spend your tax dollars to make it so, but on another day they approve a Canada Summer Jobs application for an environmental action group in BC that wants to hire students to protest the pipeline.

The cost of Justin Trudeau’s inconsistent, non-transparent and non-sensical decision making has real implications for us here in Saskatchewan and all Canadians. Folks in BC who are caught in the crossfire of the Trans Mountain expansion fight are already paying $1.46/litre for gas this week while families in Alberta are expected to pay at least an extra $500 more in taxes this year due to their NDP government’s buy-in to the Liberal carbon tax scheme.

Alongside Premier Moe, my Conservative colleagues and I will continue to fight for Saskatchewan families who don’t have anything more to give to Justin Trudeau and his tax-and-spend government.

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