NDP Refuses to let Bill C-590 Pass at 3rd Reading

June 5, 2015

Drunk Driving Bill Effectively Dead on the Order Paper thanks to NDP Political Games

OTTAWA, June 5, 2015 – Today in Parliament, Randy Hoback, Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Prince Albert reacted with utter dismay that the federal NDP would choose to stall the passage of Bill C-590 at 3rd Reading Stage in the House of Commons.  As a result of NDP political games, Hoback’s Bill C-590 (An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (Blood Alcohol Content) is not scheduled to be back for debate in the House of Commons before it rises for the summer recess.  The Bill is now effectively dead on the Order Paper, as time has run out.

Throughout the entire legislative process, Mr. Hoback chose to undertake a non-partisan path to get C-590 through Parliament in order to increase penalties on drunk drivers with a blood alcohol content twice over the legal limit.  Hoback also agreed to amendments unanimously passed by the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to get his Bill back into the House with all-party support. Yet at Third Reading Stage, NDP MPs chose to run the clock during the first hour of debate to prevent a third reading vote from commencing.

“I was extremely disappointed with NDP House Leader Peter Julian when he stated during debate that no amendments at Committee Stage were adopted to improve the Bill, “said Mr. Hoback.  “All he had to do was read the transcript of the Committee meeting, where MPs from all three political parties unanimously passed an amendment to improve C-590. Yet Julian instead chose to ignore this non-partisan effort, and launched into a winded partisan attack against the Government, effectively running the clock and killing the Bill.”          

“I’m very suspicious that my drawing attention to the NDP office scandal is the reason why the NDP decided not to let the bill pass,” added Hoback.   “The big losers as a result of the NDP’s partisan games are the families of those who will lose loved ones on the nation’s highways and waterways this summer.”  


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