NDP Votes Against Jobs and Economic Growth

November 8, 2012

 November 8, 2012 in the House of Commons, Thomas Mulcair’s NDP voted against Canada’s free trade agreement with Panama, after delaying the agreement for more than two years.

Thomas Mulcair’s NDP vote against this important agreement comes as no surprise given that this is the same party that sent an anti-trade mission to Washington to lobby against Canadian jobs. It is also the same party that has opposed every initiative our government has brought forward to increase trade and Canadian exports.

Canada and Panama already enjoy a strong trading relationship that will only be made stronger with this agreement. Canada’s exports to Panama include machinery, motor vehicles, iron and steel products, paper products, aircraft and parts, plastics and wood (including plywood), vegetables, meat, and preserved foods, while imports from Panama are mainly mineral fuels, oils, and  fruits,  nuts, coffee and tea.

 Thomas Mulcair has said that if given the opportunity, he would repeal agreements that promote trade, increase Canadian exports and protect Canadians doing business abroad while creating jobs and growth in Canada.  The Conservative government has signed 9 such free trade agreements since 2006 and is currently negotiation dozens more.

 “Our government’s ambitious pro-trade plan is opening new markets within the Americas, creating opportunities for Canadian businesses and workers and, as we recover from the global economic downturn, securing future prosperity for Canadians and our trading partners,” said Randy Hoback, Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Prince Albert.  “While Thomas Mulcair’s NDP is talking down Canada to the world and standing against Canadian workers, our Conservative government will continue to open new opportunities to increase Canadian exports to create Canadian jobs and economic growth in Canada.”

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